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Thanks for taking the time to have a look through my website.

I love what I do. Designing and creating beautiful interfaces for an audience is my inspiration in the industry.

Professional collaborator: Even though I have my own company I am more than happy working under a project leader, and with fellow team members to collectively bring a project to fruition. I am also very committed to the professionalism it requires to complete high-calibre work and maintain healthy (and ongoing) relationships with clients. I am also dedicated to fulfilling the hours required by the projects I take on, and will forgo other opportunities in order to get work completed on time and to specification.

I would appreciate the opportunity to hear more about your project. Please visit the website questionnaire to request a website quote and I will get back to you with a detailed proposal.

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The impact of modern design on our internet culture has created a world of overwhelming messages and imagery. My inspiration is to design works that raise the standards of design on the internet by providing clear, precise, and media rich communication.

I am a professional web developer that builds visually rich, dynamic website’s for a diverse client base in North America and …………… My career goal is to design and develop alongside like-minded creators with the intention of building beautiful and engaging works on the web.

Work Experience
Qamar ……– A Multimedia Company
Owner / Founder
(put date you started) -> Current Date

For the past …… years I have developed a substantial client base in North America and …………… Most of these clients are in the non-profit / environmental, and ecotourism sectors. I continue to work with this client base maintaining web systems and marketing standards.

Browse my portfolio for a complete list of projects.
The Vacuum
SEM Consultant / Web Consultant
………….., Pakistan

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Working with ……………. to assist in accessibility and SEM strategies for their existing client base. My role is primarily to support planning of new web projects, ensuring accessibility and functionality as well as consult on SEO and site marketing.

Self Design
Information Architect, User Interface Specialist, Programmer
(put date you started) -> (put date you finished)

Contracted for….8 months to assist in the development of a new online web presence for …………., an online school in (location) delivering ministry approved education to home school students online. My primary role was to facilitate the updating of company brand as well as support the planning process for the new …………. Web Presence.

(Name of the company)
Web Coordinator / Project Manager
(put date you started) -> (put date you finished)

While working in (location) I had the opportunity to work with the (name of the business) on several improvements to their existing web systems as well as supporting the roll out of several new initiatives.

  • Creating and implementing visual designs, print and intranet projects, and (name of the business) publications through web based presentations, sites and systems.
  • Coordinating with project managers and functional leaders to brainstorm the aesthetic representation of (name of the business) branding and style on the web.
  • Proofing developed work to ensure that all aesthetics and formatting are congruent with (name of the business) branding.
  • Developing proposals, project plans, and documenting work completed ensure that initiatives developed at (name of the business)are delivered in a thorough and organized fashion.
  • Reconstructing the website strategy based on research of audience groups and key stakeholders.
  • Providing technical and creative expertise in team meetings to ensure the business goals and direction of the organization are reflected in the publishing of new electronic media.
  • Acting as a liaison between the contracted developers and the internal design team.
  • Using ASP, VB, SQL and Access to online applications and dynamic systems for industry partners, government bodies, and the general public. (i.e. government rebate system)
  • HTML coding and debugging using text editors and site development tools.
  • Developing internal content management systems.
  • Using Maximize to track the effectiveness of recent initiatives, and provide feedback to project managers and functional leaders.

Industry Experience
With over ……… years PRODUCTION experience, my most rewarding education has been from working in the industry. After over a decade of working with design firms, as a freelancer, for the government and finally managing my own company for the last ….. years, my forte is working with large teams to bring ideas to fruition in a collaborative and engaging process.
Educational Qualifications:
In Pakistan, I pursued multimedia design and development at the University of ………………. attaining a diploma and my certification for Macromedia standard web development and design.

Skills & Expertise

Programming Language                                                                   Level of Expertise
Javascript (classic, jquery, ajax)
Flash ActionScript

CMS Foundations                                                                               Level of Expertise

Online Software                                                                                  Level of Expertise
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Adwords

Local Software                                                                                    Level of Expertise
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Macromedia Flash
Reference contact details or hard copy reference documents provided upon request


  • Java, JSP, JSF, GWT / 2 years experience



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